Robert D. Wilson





clear water . . .
a leech attached
to my ankle
Today at sunset, a quarter of the horizon was aglow with a mixture of light and red.  It was a beautiful sight, especially after the hard rain we had last night.  There were streaks of sunlight that looked like long fingers.  It was as if the sky was telling me to have hope, that good things were around the bend.
is that you,
sun, tossing dreams
from the back
door of a jeepney on
its way through the clouds? 

Jeepneys are a popular form of public transportation in the Philippines. They seat as many people as can be jammed into their passenger compartments, akin to a can of sardines.  They are cheap, with glassless windows and open back doors. The highways are littered with them, tiny ants on their way to and from the red queen.  “Oh my, oh my, i’m gonna be late for the tea party!”


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