Slavica Anisija Blagojević

translated by Saša Važić



An eerie silence. The ancient harbor town of Kotor is clothed in fog. Suddenly, a human appears then disappears back into the fog. I couldn’t recognize his face. Did he find me by accident? Was he an apparition, the embodiment of someone I’ve yearned for?
I didn’t even get to tell him my name. 
                                                             The silent sobbing of an oar . . .
heavy fog —
embers kept by ashes, this
sleepless night 



Slavica Anisija Blagojević, a nurse by profession, writes prose, modern poetry and haiku. She also paints in oil and on Chinese silk. Books of haiku: Irises for Thor, Irises for Fabiola, and The Turtledove Necklace. She is the sole organizer of the traditional painters and poets group The Desert of Lešje-Chilandar in her village, and the founder of a library Venedikt Crepović within the monastery of Most Holy Mother of Jesus’ Shroud, as well as of a library Anisija Crepović, and a gallery Anisija Crepović.