Terra Martin



still the dim cameo

of mother’s face

gingerly I transplant

the wild violet



when dropped

my heart’s like quicksilver


into wayward beads

of shiny sorrow



no wind

but the aspen


after hinting for more…

you slowly exhale



the improv

of the saxophone 

as vast, as a sky  

composed of every tone

of blue



as carefully

as wandering

through backwoods

I explore your

impatient mood




like an old photo

your death…

still in focus

the time we captured



as a child 

I dreamt in color

never grasping

the world

of black and white




the eyebrow moon


brings back your





around your words

I waltz

in and out of

kiss and make-up



if I were a tree

with roots firmly planted

would I outgrow

my beliefs

that limit change


Terra Martin is a practicing therapist in Toronto . Her poetry has been published  in Amaze, American Tanka, Asahi Shimbun (Japan), Atlas Poetica, bottle rockets, Eucalypt (Australia), Green Leaf Files (England), Haiga Online, Lynx, Modern English Tanka, moonset, Ribbons, Simply Haiku, 3 Lights Gallery (England), Landfall, Streetlights and The Tanka Prose anthologies.