Louis Osofsky  


fierce pain –

to lose heart in


spring dawn:

quiet grows on

the mountain


rain drips … drips –

washing away moments

of this world

i am

alone with you . . .

in this bed

night deepens . . .

asleep until flying

words echo

twilight dusk . . .

the sky too sees

the moon –


count the stars –

i do this, do that

do nothing

this play,

no spirit can script it –

laugh, cry… exit


dead? alive ?

it’s my problem to

to consider


Louis Osofsky has been living in the California Mountains since 1998.  His roots are in a terra cotta pot, suitable for a moment’s transport.  His poetic journey continues with a four year relationship in Japanese short forms.  This past year he has returned, as a student, to academic course work following a forty year “summer vacation.”  Presently, his path is shared with two sons, friends, a sense of place, dark chocolate, sprouts, laughter, song and changes in himself.