Ikuyo Yoshimura


dusk brightens
the smoke of baked shells –
autumn shores

day moon
like a girl eating
an apple.

a burr
sticks to my sole…
gathering nuts

sardine shaped clouds…
my home task still
at my side

a touch of
melancholy on my palm…
cosmos flowers

autumn festival –
the smell of cooking cuttlefish
in the henhouse

there too, cat
sea fish sun-dried at the shore
Indian summer –

pierced earrings
swaying slightly –
autumn sounds

a snowflake
melts in my palm –
a diamond drop

spring twilight –
a woman’ shadow by the
window, swaying


Ikumi (Ikuyo) Yoshimura was born in Kyoto, Japan.  She is professor of English at Gifu Junior College of Health Science. She is a researcher of R.H.Blyth and founded the Writing English-Japanese Haiku Group ”Evergreen” in 1987. Her publications are numerous and well received worldwide, including her newest book, white fish.