About Silvija Butković


Silvija Butković (b. 1964, Osijek, Croatia) lived on the island of Lošinj as a child to return to Slavonia when entering the University. She currently lives in Djakovo where she works as a tourism manager at the National Lipizzaner stud farm. Her great love are foreign languages as well as photography, poetry and prose writing. Lately, she has been creating photo haiga, combining Japanese poems and photographs. She has received excellent marks (Master Haiga) for her photo-haiga at on-line contents organized by the  World Haiku Association.

In 2004 she published her first poetry collection, Touched by a Dream, in 2007 her second book, A Released Drop, and in 2008 her third book, the love free-verses (Entangled into Nets).

Silvija has taken part in many competitions, both as a poet and as a photographer, in Croatia and abroad (Japan, UK, France and Italy). The island of Lošinj and the heart of the Slavonian plain where she lives are her constant inspiration. She adores horses and watches them in her own way through the objective of her camera. Her photographs can be seen at many on-line photo galleries and websites. She has had seven exhibitions of her photographs so far.

Silvija is a member of the „Photo-Club Djakovo“, The Poets Associations „Antun Ivanošić“ from Osijek and „Tin Ujević“ from Zagreb, the Haiku Association of Croatia from Zagreb and the World Haiku Association. She is also a member of the Croatian Lions Club and of the Croatia Photographers Association.