Славко Ј. Седлар

   translated by Saša Važić



Јесење сенке                                                 

Сама од себе крену                                       

Гомила песка                                                


Autumn shadows –

a sand-pile starts to slide down

by itself


У немилости

Постах невидљив усред

Пролећњег дана


Fallen into disfavor

I turn invisible amid

a spring day



Беру кукуруз                                                  

Сиви миш остаде без                                   

Свилене логе                                                


Corn picking –

a gray mouse left

without a silk bed


Летораст врбе

Иза сваког листа по

Комадић неба 


A willow’s year’s growth:

behind every leaf

a piece of sky


Туку два звона                                              

У летњу јеку тону                 

И моје мисли                                                


Two bells strike –

into the summer echo

my thoughts sink


Slavko J. Sedlar (b. 1932, Jezersko, Bosnia and Herzegovina) in 1980, while attending a haiku seminar held by Aleksandar Nejgebauer, adopted haiku and started on his haiku journey. His work has been published in a number of literary journals, in his country and abroad, and he is the recipient of many awards and recognitions, domestic and foreign (Basho Haiku Festival, City of Perth Library Haiku Competition, Mainichi Haiku Contest, Genkissu! Spirits Up!). His first book of haiku poetry, Suchness, was published in 2008 and his second, Suchness 2, in 2010.