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Ever since we began, Simply Haiku has been an English language Japanese short form poetry journal. We respect the Japanese usage of metrics, kigo, meter, usage of aesthetics, the seen and the unseen. All of us come from different cultures and, therefore, have aesthetics, kigo, and cultural memories indigenous to our own lives.

Simply Haiku believes the genres given to us by Japan have certain principles, commonalities, metric schemata, kigo usage, etc. that if not utilized, change the genres into something they are not. We respect tradition and change but won’t call, for instance, a 5 line free verse poem using metrics that deviate from S/L/S/L/L metrics and omit any form of aesthetics, Japanese or from one’s own culture, a tanka. Each of the genres: tanka, haiku, haiga, haibun, and renga, have distinct traits that define them as such. We feature interviews, essays, and articles by the world’s most prominent scholars and experts in the field to educate our readers. As in Japan, we must study, practice, and learn the basics before we can pioneer new sub-genres.


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